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Restoration Update, January 30-31st, 2021.

Another major objective on the restoration of the C-53 is the complete rebuilding and restoration of the aircraft’s main landing gear. We had planned on removing and repainting the landing gear anyway, but after further inspection, we found a few bolts and bearings that need replaced as well as the left gear’s main upper truss.

Joe Matz, Tom Brennan, Jerry E. Sass& and I successfully removed the entire set of main gear on Saturday, and then began the inspection, labeling, and breakdown of all parts on Sunday with media blasting preparations made. This included removing all grease and oil them masking all grease fittings and plugging bearings with tape and wooden dial rods.

These will all be blasted (except for the shock struts) and painted with our PPG Aerospace paint before receiving new hardware and being put back on the aircraft. All four shock struts will be disassembled, cleaned, and repacked with new packing kits courtesy of Basler Turbo Conversions before they rejoin the aircraft. Both main tires have recently had new tires, tubes, brakes, expander tubes and grease installed when we flew the airplane to Franklin, but an inspection will take place before the wheels receive paint and are reinstalled.

Jim & Wayne Aaron were busy as well fabricating our

one set of bucket seats we will have installed inside of the aircraft. There’s a lot to the fabrication of these seats, and we never cease to be amazed at the level of talent and can do attitude that Jim & Wayne show. Absolutely amazing.

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