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Restoration News, February 27th, 2021

A very productive day with a great group of guys. Yesterday we wrapped up the left main landing gear assembly. With the wheel now installed, all brake lines were connected and fluid replenished. We completed a few gear retraction test, and she’s as good as new. We couldn’t get over how smooth and free everything moved and are beyond happy with the effort involved to do what we did to it. Now for the right side. Speaking of the right side, the gang was busy stripping and preparing the right main struts for paint removal, cleaning, masking and paint. We also managed to get the right wheel cleaned and prepared for paint as well before shooting one side. Since we’ve started work on the landing gear, our hydraulic gear selector in the cockpit was leaking pretty good. The leak was coming from the internal rings itself in the selector. Thanks to Preffered Airparts, we were able to obtain a freshly overhauled selector and had the old one replaced yesterday. Zero leaks and it works absolutely beautifully. Our left main fuel tank was tested yesterday for leaks after letting the new new patches dry long enough. Everything is now good and another internal tank cleaning commenced to ensure no debris was left in the tank before being reinstalled soon. The paratrooper seats headed to the paint booth to receive paint before being reassembled and placed inside the airplane as well yesterday. We will save further post on these until they’re finished and installed in the aircraft but they are looking absolutely amazing.

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