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The Beginning

Driving home to Pittsburgh in 2015 from yearly training for work, Jason grew tired of interstate driving and decided to start taking back roads home. Getting off of I-70 near Columbus, Ohio Jason started making his way back to Pittsburgh. Hours later, he found himself in the small town of Beach City, Ohio near Canton. As he rounded the bend on a two lane country road, Jason noticed a grass landing strip to his left that appeared to be a private airport. As he slowed down to get a better look, what he saw next astonished him.

Sitting between a row of open air hangars and a house sat the unmistakable lines of a Douglas DC-3. Her paint was faded and her controls were tattered. Time was seemingly not on her side. Hitting the brakes, Jason pulled off the road and shutoff the truck. He soon got out and freely walked over to this once majestic bird. The old Douglas was still sitting gracefully, with her nose pointing skyward. It was obvious  her pride was still beaming,  although it was clear her wings hadn't felt air in decades.


Jason's heart broke. How could this be allowed to happen? How could someone allow this beautiful machine with so many stories and a past that is begging to be told languish unheard in a field...soon to be forgotten to time.

Walking around her and taking in the sights and visuals, Jason could hear the airplane almost crying out for help. It was at that exact moment that Jason realized his fate and the airplanes would forever be intertwined.

Walking back to his truck, Jason made a vow looking at the airplane that he would do everything he could to not only save the airplane, but fully restore her and fly her so that the legacy of the aircraft and it's crew would not be forgotten. On that August day in 2015...

Vintage Wings Inc. began.

Beach City Baby 1st sight.jpg

The Mission Begins

Our First Videos

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