Meet the "Honor Crew "of "Beach City Baby!"

The inside of the cabin of our C-53-DO Skytrooper is a restored time capsule that honors the memory and legacy of our aircraft. On display will be many forms of the variations of it's interior and the different roles it played in WWII. While displaying these variations the aircraft's ten passenger seats and four stretchers are being restored to honor fourteen sponsored veterans and their service to our great nation during this time period. These fourteen veterans have become known by Vintage Wings Inc. as our "Honor Crew."  In fulfilling our mission of history, remembrance & education, each aircraft seat & stretcher will honor the name of a veteran chosen by the seat sponsor.

Our C-53's "Honor Crew" is as follows:

Sgt. Charles Bartolovich


Military Police

China / Burma / India Theater

Sponsored by: Harry Myers


2nd Lt. Kazimir Pulaski

WWII, US Army Air Force

C-47 / C-46 Pilot

Sponsored by: Mike Pulaski & Family


Captain Howard William Sass

WWII, US Army Air Force

C-47 Pilot, 314th TCG

50th TCS

Sponsored by: Jerry E. Sass & Family


1st Lt. Wilbur S. Riesbeck

WWII, US Army Air Force

Ferrying Division

Air Transport Command

C-53, C-47, B-24, B-25, A-20, B-17, P-38, P-39, P-40 & P-51

Sponsored by: Randy Riesbeck


Staff Sgt. Peter C.Kost

WWII, US Army Air Force

B-24 "The Sky Shark" Waist Gunner

392nd BG

Sponsored by: Doug Kost & Family


Lt. James E. K. Stewart

WWII, US Army Air Force

B-17 Captain

493rd BG / 861 BS

Sponsored by: Gary Lampman


Corporal Joseph Salina

WWII, 745th Railway Operating Battalion

Company C

China / Burma / India Theater

Sponsored by: Debbie Clarke


TSGT. Robert R. Clarke


Pacific Theater

Sponsored by: Kim Clarke

Captain Bill Riggle

WWII, 5th Air Force, 3rd BG

"Grim Reapers"

Pacific Theater

Sponsored by: Heather & Charlie Riggle Family


Gerald Audley McClintock

WWII, US Merchant MArines

All Theaters of Operation


Sponsored by: Jim & Janet Aaron


Flight Officer, Wayne Aaron

WWII, US Army Air Forces

State Side, US 1945

Sponsored by: The Aaron Family


S. Sgt Herb Jankovich

USAF, 121st Tactical Fighter Wing

Ohio Air National Guard


Sponsored by: Dawn Jankovich


 Sgt. Edward J. Wright

US Army Air Corps

C-47/C-53 Radio Operator

60th Troop Carrier Squadron

Operation Torch, Operation Husky


Sponsored by: The Wright family


 Sgt. Theodore Adamczyk

US Army Air Corps

C-47, C-53, & B-17 Radio Operator

22nd Troop Carrier Group

5th Air Force

Pacific Theater of Operation


Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, and two Air Medals.

Sponsored by: Michael Adamczyk


 Sgt. Louis R. Garrone

US Army Air Corps

C-47/C-53 Navigator

65th Troop Carrier Squadron

403rd Troop Carrier Group

13th Air Force

American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, World War II Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge, and the Philippine Liberation Ribbon.

Sponsored by: The Garrone Family


Lt. Commander Xavier Poster

US Navy

Supply Officer for Mediterranean Theater of Operation


Sponsored by: Christine M St Onge

 Captain Joesph A. Walker

US Army Air Corps, USAF, NACA, & NASA

P-38, F-5, D-558-I, D-558-II, X-1, X-3, X-4, X-5, X-15, F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104 & B-47

NAsa Test Pilot, 1st Civilian Astronaut

Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with Seven Oak Clusters 

Sponsored by: Jason Capra