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Mission Statement

"The mission at Vintage Wings Inc. is to create a flying memorial via a living history experience. While static aircraft in museums serve a distinct and valuable purpose nothing compares to a fully restored and flying aircraft. The C-53’s cabin and flight compartments will be a time capsule of the past with examples of the different configurations in its history that tell the roles the aircraft played in winning WWII. The aircraft's crew will be in period uniforms to bring the experience to life.

Flying into airshows, fly-in's and other events, “Beach City Baby" will offer more than just a silent and empty cabin but a step into the past. At Vintage Wings Inc., our core goal is to inspire and educate our visitors by telling the amazing history of our aircraft. "




Vintage Wings Inc. is a 501 ©3 nonprofit historical organization which relies on public and private donations. Please consider making a financial contribution to help keep the restoration going and to ensure she flies for years to come fulfilling its greatest mission yet.

Beach City Baby, Its more than just an airplane, it's an experience!

Beach City Baby 's Interior


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Beach City Baby, History Redefined

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